Eva-dry E-500 Mini Dehumidifer Review

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Looking for a compact mini dehumidifier for your indoor use? Want it to be portable and chord free?  Eva-dry E-500 mini dehumidifier is the answer and it is an amazing fact that you neither need to plug in for electric supply nor for charging the battery. It can run for as long as 7 days with a single renewal. Click here to buy from Amazon for 33% off Now!

Eva-dry E-500 renewable wireless mini dehumidifier is a small sized highly efficient dehumidifier and most efficient for indoor use for an area of up to 500 square feet. You can hang it in the closet or any place where you want as it is wireless. There is an indicator which changes color when the eva-dry e-500 dehumidifier needs to be renewed. It efficiently absorbs moisture and there is no problem of leakage.

Eva-dry E-500 Mini Dehumidifer Features

  • Silent, compact and 100% renewable
  • Cordless and no batteries  required
  • Works great for 500 cubic ft. area
  • No spill and works up to 10 years
  • Child and pet safe – non-toxic

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The special technology adopted in this, has many advantages over the other models. The crystallized silica gel absorbs moisture and changes color to indicate when it has to be renewed. Renewing is a very simple task, just plug it in a well ventilated area, the crystals get heated with the help of a built in heater and release moisture and gets ready for use within 12-14 hours. There are no chemical reactions happening. hence it is safe for use and also it is odorless. The reversing of the crystal color indicates the charge is complete and its readiness to use. The crystals have a long lasting life of 10 years and comes with 5 years limited warranty from the manufacturer.  \

Eva-dry E-500 Mini Dehumidifer Review

Many people buy this for the compact structure and the easiness of using it anywhere required like closet, pet room, garage etc. There are people who own more than one unit for different rooms. The easiness to use it is an added advantage just plug it overnight to get it back to use which is the most convenient method, that too only once in 7 days. Most of the people who have used the Eva-dry E-500 dehumidifier have given positive recommendations but there are a few flaws as well. The main complaint is about the hanging system of the unit. The hook is not strong enough and the fall can result in breakdown of the unit. There are complaints that the unit gets heavier as it absorbs moisture and gets hot while getting renewed. There is a debate over it being modeled as ‘wireless’ since it has to be plugged in for renewing. The list of satisfied customers is more than the complaints. Click here to read more reviews.

You can reduce humidity and keep your clothes damp free, reduce allergies caused due to humidity, reduce mites in your living area, make your room more comfortable by bringing the humidity level to the optimum for comfortable living, all this without the hassle of a big space consuming, all the time attention requiring model. You can hang this Eva-dry mini dehumidifier in your closet or cloth drying area or where you store metal items, garage or attic. It keeps the humidity under control and guards your precious collections. For the price it is offered at, you can have more number of Eva-dry E-500 mini dehumidifier for every need. It is worth buying product. Click here to SAVE $15 on the Eva-dry E-500 Mini Dehumidifer for a limited time only!

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