NewAir ADS-400 Mini Dehumidifier Review

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Humidity is a big problem especially in small spaces such as closets or wet areas like bathrooms. The NewAir ADS-400 mini dehumidifier does a good job of ridding such areas of extra and unwanted humidity. It saves you money as you protect your shoes, clothes, bags and other important stuff like the structure of your home from mold and bacterial build-up caused by excess humidity.

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NewAir ADS-400 Mini Dehumidifier Features

One of the greatest features of this Mini Dehumidifier is the compact size. This way you can fit it in even the small and hard to reach spaces. Again, if you are on the go you can fit this wonderful device on your car using the included car adapter. And the beauty of it all is that it is completely quiet since there is no compressor in this mini unit.

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This NewAir ADS-400 mini dehumidifier is specially designed for small spaces and it works best when the humidity levels are 80 percent and above. It has a capacity of 10 ounces of moisture daily so your beautiful small spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms or closets are left dry and in good condition always. The reservoir has a maximum capacity of 32 ounces so you get to empty it after several days only when it is completely full. Additionally, this reservoir detaches easily from the unit so there are no spillages.

The NewAir ADS-400 automatically switches off when the reservoir is full so you can rest assured that the unit is safe and there is little chance of accidents. This is one of the most portable mini dehumidifiers. It has a carrying slot and a car kit so you easily bring it along with you in your car for extra dehumidifying.

NewAir ADS-400 Mini Dehumidifier Review

Reviews for the NewAir ADS-400 Mini Dehumidifier on are full of praise. Most consumers are satisfied with the way this small unit is able to dehumidify small spaces perfectly and with ease. Quite a number of users had this unit under the kitchen sink and the results are just awesome. Small bathrooms have benefited greatly from this unit as well as closets with clothes, shoes and bags being protected from excess moisture. Click here to read these reviews.

The NewAir Mini Dehumidifier is ideal for small spaces with a relative humidity of 80 percent. It is therefore important to observe the size of the room and the level of humidity before installing this device. This is just one issue that the negative reviewers have since larger rooms are not that well dehumidified by this unit. Additionally, if a room has poor ventilation and is too humid, then you may need to get a larger dehumidifier for best results.

All in all the NewAir ADS-400 Mini Dehumidifier is a great small unit that gets rid of unwanted moisture and for a bargain price. The fact that it is portable enough and can easily fit in your car using the included car kit is just some added bonus that makes this unit a really good value for money. The high maximum capacity of the reservoir means that it takes a few days before you need to empty it. Click here to check it out.

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