Remington 365 Mini Dehumidifier Review

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The Remington 365 mini dehumidifier is specifically designed to prevent moisture damage for gun cabinets and safes. As the maker of some of the finest firearms Remington knows the value of preventing buildup of moisture inside any gun safe or cabinet. This unit provides moisture control for 30-60 days between recharges and only takes 12 hours to replenish the filter media. It does not use batteries or power cords to operate; instead it uses a crystal technology to absorb the moisture out of the air.

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The Remington mini dehumidifier is perfectly suited for use inside any safe or cabinet designed to hold firearms. It does not require any power source or batteries to run. Instead it uses an absorbent all crystal material that removes all moisture from the air to prevent any type of mold or mildew damage to your valuable firearms.

Remington 365 Mini Dehumidifier Features

The Remington 365 dehumidifier is designed to provide 30-60 days of moisture protection before it needs a recharge. To recharge the absorbent properties of the crystals only requires you to plug the unit into any outlet and let it sit for up to 12 hours. After the recharge period you simply put it back in place and it will start the moisture removal process all over again.

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To ensure the moisture removal process is continuous you need to check for the indicator to change color and depending on what color the indicator is will determine when the system needs to be recharged.

If you do not want to have the unit sitting on the floor of the safe or cabinet you have the option of using the hanger attachment and have it hanging from a safe spot inside. The Remington 365 mini dehumidifier also features a five year warranty against defect.

Remington 365 Mini Dehumidifier Review

While researching the 365 mini dehumidifier from Remington we found only a small number of consumer reviews posted online. It received 4.2 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars from the 5 reviewer we found. The majority of the comments were very positive with only a few negative ones we could find. One of the reviewers pointed out that its small size was perfect for his smaller gun safe and it removed the moisture that was causing his guns to rust before using it. Another reviewer was thrilled with the way it removed all of the moisture that was causing his firearms to rust. Another reviewer liked how easy it was to recharge when the indicator showed that it was time. Click here to read more reviews.

Not all the comments were positive; one reviewer had a medium size gun safe and was disappointed that it only seemed to reduce the humidity level inside the safe by only 2-4%.

After completing our research on the Remington 365 mini dehumidifier we have concluded that based on the high average rating and majority positive comments that we would recommend it. Click here to check it out.

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